Why Are We All Waiting in That Waiting Place?

universeWhy are we all waiting in that waiting place? You know that very famous children’s book that talks about that waiting place? It’s one of my favorites. I wrote an entire 6 page essay about the greatness of that book. My opinion is clearly biased, but I do believe it is the greatest book ever written about the realities of life. It is broken down in a fun and zany simplicity that each person who reads it can completely understand. It was a self-help book disguised in colorful pictures and interestingly fun language, but I digress.

Is patience truly a virtue?

I have been thinking a lot about all of the things we wait for in life. We are told patience is a virtue, but what does it become when you’ve been patient for too long? What does it become when you have waited for someone to compromise, or for someone to hear your wants and needs, or for someone to promote you, or to see you, or respect you, or to love you the right way? 

How long have you waited for someone to stop being a spoiled shit and to wake up to see the reality of what is right in front of them while you’ve made little to no progress in life because you’re waiting for something from them? How long have you waited on that guy/girl who tells you they love you, but they keep worrying about themselves? They do not seem to notice all of the really amazing things about you while you sit around waiting and putting your own dreams on hold. 

How long have you been in a job that you kick ass at waiting for your boss to see that you deserve a promotion because you’ve worked really hard for it?  There you wait, being patient and humble and your dick of a boss doesn’t even notice. How long have you waited to make choices in your life because you’re worried that you will disappoint someone by being who you are? How long have you hidden things about yourself and waited to reveal them because you’re worried that someone cannot understand you? How long have you waited to pursue a dream because it didn’t fit into someone else’s time frame?

Think about anything and everything you have waited to do….because you are living the belief that patience is a virtue.

Think about anything and everything you have waited to do, to say, to try. You wait, and wait some more because of someone else, because you feel guilty, because you don’t want to rock the boat, because you are living the belief that patience is a virtue. I’m sure it is for certain things. It definitely isn’t for everything. 

See, time keeps going even while we’re waiting. Time passes, and the longer we wait the more time passes. Sometimes we wait so long there simply isn’t any more time. I believe there are healthy boundaries within this idea that having patience is a such a wonderful attribute. Truthfully, sometimes waiting too long kind of makes you the asshole, or at the very least, the fool. The healthy boundary exists and is likely different for each of us. 

The time we are willing to wait is a personal choice, but all of us get tired of waiting. We get up and leave a restaurant that takes an hour to bring our food to the table…so why do we spend years sitting around waiting for that promotion, or that guy/girl, or time to pursue that dream, or respect? Why are we all waiting in that waiting place? Sometimes there is no more time to give to waiting. Sometimes one just has to make the choice to stop waiting and start doing. Whatever it is, and whatever that means.

…the sun has never asked for its permission to come up in the morning.

Even the beautiful night sky does not stick around for too long, and the sun has never asked for its permission to come up in the morning. The timing is always just right for the night to end, and the day to begin. It’s a compromise by the universe to give each half its own unique glory. It is necessary for balance, and growth. Besides, I wonder sometimes if the things worth waiting for would ever really ask us to wait that long anyway.

Why are we all waiting in that waiting place? I’m not really sure, but I do believe that time is far too precious a thing to waste too much of on simply waiting. Perhaps there are those times when we must stop waiting, and start taking the things we want in life. Perhaps we should stop asking permission to leave the waiting place.


  1. I love this!
    I think patience is a virtue, but we probably mistake the times when patience is needed with the times when we need to take action.

    Patience is a virtue in the sense that if we keep quitting whenever we don’t instantly get what we want, we may be quitting right before it actually happens. “Patience is a virtue” doesn’t mean though that we have to sit and wait for people to acknowledge us and appreciate us and what we offer when they obviously don’t care to do so, or waiting for permission to do anything.

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