About the Blogger

I am a 34 year old mother of two. I live in the great big state of Texas where I am diligently working on getting my shit together. I do believe this will be a life long effort. I have learned a thing or two after 3 decades of life experiences and failures.

I am doing what we’re all doing; I am figuring everything out as I go. Life stays pretty hectic these days. After a decade long hiatus, I am re-enrolled in school, working, balancing kids and crazy schedules, and somewhere in the middle of it all I try to find the time to document my thoughts. Life is a three ring circus some days. I am simply a wide-eyed traveler writing about my personal experiences, observations, and thoughts on it all.

I am no expert in this thing known as the human experience. Life is quite the quandary at times, but I am enjoying the ride.